Hello and welcome to our site, today we are going to discuss about how you can make money using whatsApp application.

WhatsApp is a free moment messaging service for using standard cellular mobile number to send text messages, voice calls, audio calls, images and other media to each other. WhatsApp can be downloaded on Android phones, smartphones and iPhone, and it uses data rather than your mobile phone plan, so if you have an internet connection, you can call someone using WhatsApp without paying for it. WhatsApp assured users that the invalidation of subscription costs didn’t mean that there would be an introduction of third party advertisements, rather they would be testing tools that permit you to use WhatsApp to communicate with businesses and organisations that you want to hear from, which involves getting messages from your bank about recent deals via WhatsApp, which is already happening. With many users truly using WhatsApp every day, the focus seems to be primarily on the user growth and making money from retailing software and services.
WhatsApp makes money in the following ways

  1. Indirect Revenue from “Click to WhatsApp advertisements”.
    Apart form WhatsApp Pay and WhatsApp for business also makes moneybags through Click to WhatsApp advertisements, which are advertisements shown on Facebook, not WhatsApp, but these advertisements deflect users from Facebook to WhatsApp. Since these advertisements are not displayed in the WhatsApp app, accrediting the profit of these advertisements entirely to WhatsApp would be incorrect, but it’s one of the ways in which Facebook leverages WhatsApp to increase profit
  2. WhatsApp for Businesses.
    While the whatsApp service is free for customers to use, businesses can subscribe up WhatsApp for Business to use the platform for deals and support. The WhatsApp Business API is used by major brands similar as wish, Netflix and Uber. It firstly encouraged businesses to use the platform and give quick responses. So while the business could respond for free within 24 hours, it would be charged a figure for responses lately than that. The new business API for WhatsApp for Business applies charges grounded on a messaging league.
  3. WhatsApp Pay.

WhatsApp Pay is a payment point analogous to PayPal. Druggies can shoot plutocrat to families, musketeers, and businesses for free. Like other plutocrat transferring services, this app connects to a linked bank account where the finances are taken from or deposited. This service is presently only available in some countries around the globe.

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